What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a disciplined program for improving quality in all aspects of a company’s products and processes. At its core, Six Sigma works to apply quality metrics CTQ’s (Critical to Quality) that are important to a customer and then to understand the relationships between the inputs to the product or process and the outputs (metrics).

Six Sigma calls for businesses to continually monitor and improve processes to constantly improve performance and profitability.

Six Sigma is more than just a quality system like TQM or ISO. It has become a part of company cultures and a way of doing business. As Geoff Tennant describes in his book Six Sigma: SPC and TQM in Manufacturing and Services: “Six Sigma is many things. Six Sigma can be seen as: a vision; a philosophy; a symbol; a metric; a goal; a methodology.”

Thousands of companies worldwide have learned and adopted Six Sigma.

Some of America’s business super stars have made Six Sigma part of their success lore. Among them are Larry Bossidy of Allied Signal (now Honeywell), and Jack Welch of General Electric Company. Rumor has it that Larry and Jack were playing golf one day and Jack bet Larry that he could implement Six Sigma faster and with greater results at GE than Larry did at Allied Signal. Both companies won in that bet.

Process drives profits.

This is proven again and again in all types of businesses. Let CP1 help your business look at your processes how they impact the bottom line.

Whether it’s tried and true measurable Six Sigma methodology, basic process mapping or informal project coaching, CP1 can help you make improvements that matter.

Training >

Profiting Through Process

An entertaining 45-minute overview of Process Improvement

Learn how improving routine business processes can impact performance and profits. Entertaining real-life examples help employees at all levels understand the impact they have on streamlining the way work gets done.

CP1 Consulting has helped thousands of employees, from new hires to up-and-coming executive leaders, to take their financial acumen to the next level. Our programs go beyond financial literacy, past terminology, ratios and financial statements to a true understanding of what it takes for a business to make money.

Six Sigma Mind Set

An entertaining 45-minute overview of Six Sigma

Learn what all the excitement is about and how your organization can benefit from adopting a Six Sigma mindset. A General Electric-trained Six Sigma Master Black Belt shows your organization how to benefit from the underlying principles of continuous, measurable improvement.

After Six Sigma

Is Six Sigma yesterday’s news? How do you keep the commitment to Six Sigma processes or evolve to the next stage of process optimization?

In a session customized for your organization, Six Sigma experts help you keep your organization excited about continuous process measurement and redesign.

Six Sigma Applied

This one- or two-day course will help employees and/or managers look at problems and inefficiencies in the organization and work towards improving the business and key processes.

Six Sigma Training & Certification

CP1 will evaluate your organization’s potential gains from employee Six Sigma Training and Certification and assist with navigating the myriad offerings and levels of certification.

Six Sigma training is expensive and time-consuming, and some levels of training can be overkill for an individual, depending on his goals and position. CP1 will counsel the company and individual to determine right-sized, right-priced training options.

Consulting >

Project Facilitation

A seasoned professional facilitator will help your project team capture goals, processes, timetables and measurability to assure success.

Custom Consultation

Six Sigma Master Black Belt consultants work with specific managers to apply Six Sigma methodology to achieve specific business results.

We will determine appropriate training and recommend project-specific implementation.

For a complimentary phone consultation, call Cary Phillips, 816 309-8720

Coaching >

Personalized coaching can turn a solid manager into a great one and a struggling leader into an unshakable one. Ongoing training, support and accountability ensure that leaders get to the finish line with clear success.CP1 can provide personalized coaching for individuals at diverse levels. If our staff or contract coaches are not a good match, we can tap our professional network to find a coach suited for the individual and industry.

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