Why CP1 recommends simulation formats for financial acumen training.

Where money is concerned, it is easy to take things for granted and assume resources will be there as they have been before. Only by viewing the full cycle of an organization’s financial model can employees truly grasp the realities of business.

Role playing and simulation provide this true, actionable understanding like nothing else.

When employees sit in a particular role, they learn things others don’t. They learn what’s coming next. They learn what to be afraid of. They learn tracks of logic that turn into intuition. That’s why the best managers are often people who have had multiple roles and why strategic planning becomes richer and more reliable when people from different roles are represented.

Organizations today need leaders at all levels who can contribute to financial success. That’s why so many are offering financial literacy training to executives, managers, team leaders and key employees.

CP1 Consulting has helped thousands of employees, from new hires to up-and-coming executive leaders, to take their financial acumen to the next level. Our programs go beyond financial literacy, past terminology, ratios and financial statements to a true understanding of what it takes for a business to make money.

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Ask us how CP1 can design a program to follow up on the learnings achieved in the Profit & Cash® workshop.

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For employees who require a deep understanding of company finances or who need to teach financial acumen to others, CP1 can provide personal coaching and curriculum design tailored to your company’s needs.

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