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The Profit & Cash® Workshop

Columbia University Business School Program on Coaching
“Enormously creative way to engage a group in what is otherwise a very dry subject. The game was effective in demonstrating financial basics, especially to those new to it, and even as a reminder to those that had learned it, but don’t engage with it that often.”

Wescast Industries, Inc., Ontario, Canada
“I only wish I had the opportunity to participate in this simulation in University Business 101…I could have saved myself months of lectures! Profit & Cash® was a tremendous success. Our folks quickly learned the impact of their decisions on the balance sheet and P&L. It was great watching as they played the game and the level of understanding increased… about profits, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales and cost of sales.”

Thomas Lyon, Professor, Rockhurst University School of Management
“Thank you for developing a game that makes financial impacts understandable and easy to apply. I have looked for a long time for a process that would quickly allow non-financial executives, managers and employees to understand key financial statements and how their decisions impact them. Your game, with its hands-on approach and simple startup, is just such a process.”

Maddie Grant, Administrative Director of the Washington Center for Psychoanalysis
“It was a TRULY AWESOME, super fun learning tool. You get this amazing picture of how decisions involve many factors and can have different results over the short term vs the long term. I love this kind of creativity!”

Paul J. Slaggert Director, Executive Program, University of Cincinnati
“I want to let you know how pleased I am with the Profit & Cash® game…Based on the success of the game in the Executive Program, we have added it to our two-day seminar on Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers…”

Profit & Cash® – The Learning Game.
A workshop to improve the bottom line.

Developed by Capital Connections, Profit & Cash® is a half-day, full-day or two-day financial training program for employees at all levels.

Ideal for:

  • Team building
  • Leadership training
  • New employee orientation
  • Strategic planning kickoff sessions
  • Process improvement kickoff
  • Board of Directors retreats

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Profit & Cash® Makes Each Employee More Valuable.

When managers and employees clearly understand how the company makes money, they think more creatively and strategically. They make decisions, consciously and subconsciously, with the company’s larger goals in mind.


Employees with true business acumen influence top-line revenue generation, optimize resource allocation and take actions that align with organizational and customer strategy.

Why CP1 recommends the Profit & Cash® simulation format for financial acumen training.

When we sit in a particular role, we learn things others don’t. We learn what’s coming next. We learn what to be afraid of. We learn tracks of logic that turn into intuition. That’s why the best managers are often people who have had multiple roles and why strategic planning becomes richer and more reliable when people from different roles are represented.The celebrated Profit & Cash® session places each participant in new roles, giving them fresh insights. Presented by experts in finance and process training, this celebrated game-style workshop engages every player with critical dilemmas and decisions they may not have experienced directly, but which directly impact profitability.

The hands-on, heads-up simulation experience pushes all participants to see profitability through new eyes and from different vantage points. The result: sophisticated, strategic, risk-savvy planning.

“Nothing sinks-in like engaging, relevant, real-life models,” says Profit & Cash® leader, Cary Phillips, JD, CPCU, CLU, AIC, ARe. “There will be big ah-ha’s, there will be big laughs, but most important, there will be big learning – on the topic that is most critical for us all,” says Phillips.

Using a game and accelerated learning approach, employees at every level will understand essential financial concepts and tools as well as organization-specific financial measures. The unique business game experience uses an interactive team approach as participants run their own company. Participants see and comprehend the big picture of making decisions that drive success.

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